It’s always a conference highlight to check out the Artstream Nomadic Gallery.  Yup, these potters pull up in a revamped Airstream trailer, converted into a potters’ gallery.

From the project’s website:  “This 30-foot 1967 Airstream Sovereign land yacht was completely remodeled into an exhibition space in 2001 by Alleghany Meadows. Based in Carbondale, CO it has traveled from N.Y.C., putting contemporary ceramic art on the street.”

Curated and managed by artist Allegheny Meadows, Artstream features work by some artists my upper-level students will recognize – Ayumi Horie, Christa Assad, Michael Connelly, Sam Chung, Lorna Meaden, and Tara Wilson, among others.  All of the work is for sale, and you can handle everything that is on display.  This is where I got my sweet little Josh DeWeese cup that in which I’ve been attempting to shrink my coffee intake over the last few days…

The Artstream has a tour schedule.  Curious?  Think this would be an incredible lifestyle?  (I do!)  Read more….

IMG_0380 IMG_0354 IMG_0358


10 thoughts on “Artstream

  1. Great and unique way of displaying artists’ work. This is interesting because an exhibit like this doesn’t just attract people who know a lot about ceramics, but it would also attract any curious person. I wish this one-of-a-kind display was making a trip to Philly sometime soon, would make for an awesome field trip!

    • For awhile in Spring 2010, it was parked right outside the Convention Center in Philadelphia…

      I think that the Artstream is a great example of a really thoughtful, intentional way to share work. Check out this linked “lending library” project –

      I think I’m starting to get disillusioned with the idea of exhibiting work in a gallery setting and expecting viewers to come see it….

  2. I absolutely love it when the vessel in which something is transferred doubles as its display case!! The metallic background contrasts the colors of the pottery in a great way. I definitely agree with Jackson when he says that any curious person would go up to this display. In a convention with thousands and thousands of people and mugs, you need something to set you apart, and Allegheny Meadows has it!

    • The Artstream has become an institution with NCECA… people expect it every year. I think it must be *so* interesting when this trailer shows up at places where it’s NOT so expected – like the upcoming May gig in Austin. Could you imagine seeing this trailer parked right next to a snack truck on the street?

  3. wow, what a convenient way to showcase your work to multiple different people. Its like an art show where ever you go! I wonder if you can do the same thing with throwing wheels and kilns.

  4. I think it makes the pieces more interesting being surrounded by a unique background. People want to go in to that particular show because of how intriguing it is.

  5. I think this is such a cool idea. These artists are living the true ESSENTIALS life. They are in a cozy trailer with some clothes and food, oh yea and hundreds of ceramic pieces. Its like their home and work life all in one. I also thought it was interesting that they created a exhibit type of presentation. It not only shows off their home but their work also

  6. I think that this is such a cool way to display artwork. Some people may not give this type of art a chance, they might ignore it. but when you pass this display you cannot ignore it, no matter how hard you try. this idea shows how innovative these artists today can be

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