International Conebox Show

So, back in the days before we had digital controls for kilns, we kiln gods and goddesses used to have to monitor the firing temperature using pyrometric cones.  Here’s a video – only about 1:30 long – that explains how this process works.

These cones came in a box.  (We have some of these boxes in the studio.)  Manufactured by Orton Ceramics, the standard size for these boxes was 3″x3″x6″.  And one of my favorite NCECA shows, the International Conebox Show, is a biennial (meaning every two years) juried show of miniature ceramics.  All pieces must fit within a conebox!  The detail on these stunning little pieces is amazing.  You can see more pictures of award winners or learn more about the exhibit at this website.

Here are a few photos I took.  My friends and I agreed that the pieces should have been displayed a bit higher than the low tables on which they were presented – you wanted to see them closely, but it was tough to bend down to the presented height.  Enjoy!

22 thoughts on “International Conebox Show

  1. I quite like that pirate ship. The attention to detail is what gets me, with the wooden texture on each of the planks along the entire ship. The uniform stairs and railings combined with the realistic helm makes me want to live on that boat like George Shrinks. Another I particularly like about the piece is the blend of color in the entire thing to get that perfect woodish feel, and at the same time make the wood has been weathered in many, long, moonless nights fighting the gruesome winds of tropical storms.

  2. letting people rid something unwanted from their live is a great idea. Artists are so clever and have amazingly creative ways of showing it.

  3. oh great and I wrote this on the wrong post, too. Like I said, a delete button for comments would be appreciated

  4. I cannot believe that a student so young could make things so great. I hope that we can get to more freestyle claymaking then making bowls, pots, and cylinders. I want to make something like the pirate ship or the violin

  5. All of these pieces are very unique and look like each has a different style. I especially like the ocean one because the piece flows all throughout. I am wondering how the bottom of the pieces are attached, like, the ocean one, the one with all the holes, and the three prong one. I also love all the diiferent textures, they really make me want to hold them.

  6. Like others have said, the detail on these pieces are amazing. The one that interests me the most is the third picture, titled “Dainty Dips”. Not only is it beautifully created, but it looks like metal. I have no idea how to make something like that, but it looks like it is rusted almost, too. Is it an underglaze that makes it look like it’s rusting?

  7. Every piece is very unique and creative which makes the piece great. The texture and the color of the pieces are very cool to look at. These pieces give me more ideas on what I would like to create in the future.

  8. Like everyone said all these pieces are really i especially like the pic with the bird on it that has all the holes in it. I was wondering how they could keep that up and sturdy i would think with all the holes it wouldn’t have much stability

  9. This is amazing. The fact that the pieces have to be so small must force the artists to pay full attention to the tiniest of details.

  10. Very interesting and creative project. I am intrigued by the piece with the “super-thin slabs.” This techniques used for this piece might be helpful for my “precious” piece this quarter.

  11. These pieces look quite familiar! I was just looking at pictures of these pieces in class on Wednesday and was floored. i used to think ceramics = Throwing… But, as my exposure to ceramics is increasing, I am learning that It is just as hard to trim as it is to throw, and it is just as hard to glaze than it is to throw, and it is just as hard to fire the piece as it is to throw. Ceramics is a multi-layered art form, and all of these pieces were perfectly crafted at each layer.

  12. i really like those glazes, they seem a lot smother than ones ive seen before and maybe Malvern can get the one in the second picture.

  13. you can really appreciate detail when it is on such a small scale like these pieces are. the time and focus needed to make these is just crazy. a lot of these pieces would be really impressive on a big scale let a lone a small scale like this

  14. The texture on these pieces is very impressive. I like the white teapot in particular, it looks very inviting to use.

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