A few more K12 Show Highlights

The K12 show really was amazing this year.  I think it keeps getting better, annually.  The curator, Leah Freese, told me that she thinks the quality is consistent each year.  I remarked that in the current educational climate towards the arts, maintaining consistent quality really means that things are getting better against all odds…

I  have a catalog book to show you with all of the work this week.  You can also view every piece in the show here – descriptions of the work and the students’ schools are listed, too.  When you click on any picture, the website brings up a bigger photo and the information.  (If you search ‘Plows,’ my young students’ pieces come up.  Cute, eh?)

See anything that amazes you in the show?  Post a link to the work in the comments section, and tell us why!


36 thoughts on “A few more K12 Show Highlights

  1. I really like the pirate ship!! You can tell that the artist may have a sophisticated mind, but deep inside we all have a kid’s mind. What kid doesn’t love a pirate ship!?

    • I really enjoy looking at the pirate ship because you can easily tell its a pirate ship. It is simple yet so sophisticated. Just by looking at this piece you can tell the amount of craftsmanship that went into this.

  2. I would have never thought that someone could make something like the violin or the ship with clay. this is awesome.

  3. I quite like that pirate ship. The attention to detail is what gets me, with the wooden texture on each of the planks along the entire ship. The uniform stairs and railings combined with the realistic helm makes me want to live on that boat like George Shrinks. Another I particularly like about the piece is the blend of color in the entire thing to get that perfect woodish feel, and at the same time make the wood has been weathered in many, long, moonless nights fighting the gruesome winds of tropical storms. GOT IT. FINALLY.

  4. That icecream cone is so cool. The size of it is remarkable. It must of took time and effort for the lucky artitst, he/she must have a lot of talent.

  5. I really can’t stop looking at the pirate ship and the octopus teapot. Both are so simple and clean, but sophisticated at the same time. They’re just amazing. They probably look better up close, too! Incredible craftsmanship and work put in by these kids.

  6. I really wonder how that cone is made. Does the top come off of it? Also, i wonder if the ice cream is two pieces (chocolate and vanilla) or just one?

  7. I also like the teapot/cup/feather combo. At first glance you’re like “oh look another teapot at a ceramics convention, whoopity woo” and then you look closer and you realize that its not like a normal teapot. It’s crafted in such a way that reminds one of a building being built, frame first, and then coverings over the frame. Its like of a halfway done ceramic pot from different dimension, where pots and handheld items are made in the same fashion that our buildings and huge monuments are built. I’d like to know how that potter went about making that. Building pieces and then combining them? Making a normal teapot and then carefully carving the gaps out? And then there is, of course, a similar cup to go along with the peculiar teapot. The feather on the cup gives the set a colorful flair(literally and figuratively), and the bright colors of the feather nicely contrast the combined darkness of the cup and teapot. Is the finch(?) part of the set with the teapot and the cup? Assumed to be the owner of the feather? I like how the bird is extremely smooth, as birds are, and how the piece of wood the bird is standing looks so rough and finely detailed to look exactly like the bark of a tree. In all, they are outstanding pieces.

    • Yes, this whole photo comprises a set, and the craftsmanship was unbelievable. To tell you the truth, I’m not sure exactly how it was made! Great observations….

  8. The ice cream cone looks perfectly made, the octopus had to be a challenge to make ( know by experience) wonder how the artist got the tentacles in place, and the violin looks totally real with an unique glaze that we should get.

  9. How would those donut rings be held up? I feel like they would have fallen really quickly. That also makes you appreciate the work more just because it seems like half the work would be holding it up or working on propping it up.

    • They would have to be leather-hard – stiff enough to hold form for construction. Elaine is that student’s teacher – she told me he is currently working on a three-foot tall version!

  10. Its outstanding to look at these pieces and know that kids made and crafted them. It really shows how creative people can be. How much effort and time is put into the pieces. Many people do not know how hard it is to create a piece of that nature, It continues to amaze me what art can do to you and change you.

  11. what i like the most is the ice cream cone 1. it is beautifully crafted and 2. the attention to detail not only on the glazing but the way it curves in and out. I bet the trimming unique for that is really cool.

  12. Just went to the K12 website. Theres this green sea shell teapot and its one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

  13. I think that the octopus teapot was really great because is looks like a real octopus with all of the tentacles.

  14. These 10 pictures make me think that people spend days and weeks on one single project, this also makes me think what i could do with that amount of time. The thing that also surprised me was the amount of hidden clay that it is not represented. what i mean by this is the amount of times people tried over and over again. and the fact that it has clay within the clay.

    • Great observation, Evan! It’s all about time spent. It’s tough to get to this sort of depth with 45-minutes daily over a semester.

  15. i wonder how the violin didnt crack… its so thin. Maybe its because of the horse hair firing technique they used.

  16. these arent typical ceramic pieces but i really like them. the octopus is very detailed and good and the ice cream and cone reminds me of the piece i mad except not nearly as big. i wonder how he mad the custard for that cone.

  17. The turtle shell looks amazing. The detailing on this piece is incredible and it is evident that the artist spent plenty of time and effort to make it. The octopus is awesome as well. The amount of work the artist put into must have been a ton, but the finished product is a crazy cool piece.

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