Survived, then Enjoyed!

An incredibly long, full day here in Houston, Texas at NCECA ’13.  This post will be short tonight, but I have a lot of notes and photos to write and talk about tomorrow.  (A note to my students who are commenting – relax and take until Monday!)

The morning was dedicated to stress about my presentation, with some conference goings-on to distract me.  I’ll talk more about the exhibitor’s hall and onsite shows I saw later.  Now that the presentation is over… here’s the notes,  here’s the power point, and here’s our website.  I’m very self-critical, but I was told by some audience members that things went very well.

I had more than an hour’s worth of materials ready to share, and had to cut back considerably on the later parts of the presentation.  My good friend John Matthews – who teaches at Conestoga H.S. – was there, and he neither fell asleep nor heckled me; he also told me I should make motivational posters for potters, since the slides looked so good.  All good feedback coming from such a character.  I continued getting solid feedback from attendees throughout the rest of the day, and made some amazing connections with other K12 teachers.  Incredibly grateful to Jared for his collaboration, support, and his video contribution.

Presentation was over by 3, and it felt like the most giant weight off my shoulders…

The rest of the day was filled with sessions, and then Elaine and I took a shuttle to some gallery shows in the Houston Heights section of the city.  More on that experience later, too, but suffice to say we saw some truly amazing art that I can’t wait to share.  The photo is what the inside of one of these gallery buildings looked like – alive with people who are passionate about the field of ceramics, sharing the experience of viewing outstanding work.  It was just about a perfect night.

Midnight is far too late for a teacher to be awake on a Friday – heck, on any night.  Good energy keeping me afloat today, but signing off before I start typing nonsense.


6 thoughts on “Survived, then Enjoyed!

  1. See, we told you you got this. Ha and it def helped your presentation that you happened to be a graphic designs expert. I’m just assuming that the PowerPoint looked good I’m not actually gonna click the link.

    • Drew, I appreciate that assumption – although I don’t know if it’s entirely justified. Mr. Matthews, from Conestoga, did tell me that I should make motivational ceramics posters…

  2. I like the stone like ball in the middle becaus eit has some nice colors, and all the other pieces look really time consuming and i wonder how and what they were made out of.

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