I’m in a huge ballroom watching an annual favorite feature of the conference – Demonstrating Artist Presentations. Walter McConnell is demonstrating stacked wet clay installations; Gerit Grimm is creating figural sculptures. There are two movie-sized screens projecting their work, and they are talking through their process and answering questions.

NCECA produces DVDs from these demos – I purchased Christa Assad’s demo from last year, and the funny thing is, Christa just asked Gerit a question live…

These artists are rockstars. It’s amazing to watch their process. Could you imagine demonstrating anything onstage in a room of experts?


11 thoughts on “Rockstars

  1. Hm, demonstrating to experts wouldnt be so bad if I too were an expert. It’d just be like explaining something to my peers. But if I wasn’t an expert…I’d be nervous

    • Truth, Drew (aka why I was so nervous about my presentation). But don’t you think the giant movie screens would be a little unsettling? Or is that just me?

  2. Demonstrating to a room of experts to me would be a very cautious and factual based approach. I would feel as if anything i said could be seen as incorrect due to another persons point of view. But then again i feel there is almost nothing factual in art. Its almost as if anything goes its just however you feel like expressing how you feel. So i guess there would be two approaches, one being a factual and cautious based presentation and another being wearing your heart on your sleeve and expressing all of your emotions.

    • I think it would add some layers of challenge for me to know that my presentation was being captured on film, for a DVD! But the DVDs that come out of these demos are so fantastic. I’ll be playing the Christa Assad one in the studio after spring break…

  3. This convention looks awsome!!!!!Demonstrating like that would help the people in the audiance to get better at making pots.

  4. Demonstrating Artist Presentations sounds so cool! I’ve never had the opportunity to see something like that but hopefully in the future I can experience a presentation/demonstration of all kinds of arts (especially ceramics).

  5. making a presentation like that would be unreal, I would love to do something like that in a field I feel so strong about.

  6. I think this is awesome! It really lets others get inside the mind of the artist while at the same time showing appreciation for his work much like a spectator at a sporting event.

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