Another Rockstar

This guy – John Hartom – is the founder of Empty Bowls. The big, broad concept of Empty Bowls – not the little gig we do at Malvern.

We had a nice talk, and he sends his regards and congratulations to all of our students who are involved. He really wants us to write up a description of our event for their archives. Any volunteers?



27 thoughts on “Another Rockstar

  1. I think Empty Bowls is a great program. I’ve never been apart of it but now since i know how to throw balls, I’d loved to do it.

  2. I think the Empty Bowls project is great as well. Do you know where (school, organization, etc.) Mr. Hartom started the program?

    • Xavier – yes – he was in Indiana, I believe, teaching high school when he developed the concept. There is some information on the history of the event at our website – – and on the website for the national organization (just google Empty Bowls).

  3. Must have been pretty awesome to talk a man like that, he seems like a great guy. I definitely plan to be apart of Empty Bowls next year!

  4. So this is the genius that started the event that ultimately sparked my interest in taking ceramics? If it weren’t for his idea behind the Empty Bowls event, I may not have been as inspired as I was to take up ceramics my sophomore year after working the event my freshman year. I took ceramics in order to be able to contribute more to this event. So thank you John Hartom.

  5. Empty bowls is a great event. In the past i have put a few pots into it, but in the next one I would like to put in a lot of pots. I would like to become a bigger part of this amazing event.

  6. Empty Bowls is a really amazing project. I’m hoping to contribute next year. How and when did Mr. Hartom get the idea of staring this project?

  7. This guy really started something special. It takes special people to make it that big, so I would like to volunteer for next year.

  8. Its great to someone do what they love to make such a big difference like him. Really have a lot of respect for a gentleman like this. This is just real good stuff.

  9. Empty bowls is a very heart warming and amazing experience. It allows us to take a skill we have practiced and become quite good at and put it out into the world for the benefit of others. It really shows the love and devotion Malvern has to the help of others and also the creation hundreds of bowls.

  10. What a great man and what a great foundation. Must of been an honor to talk to him. Maybe he will make it out to our next Empty Bowls event?

    • It was!
      And I can’t even tell you how incredible it would be if he made it to an E.B. someday… but I’m sure he’s got a pretty full travel schedule!

  11. Never been involved in Empty Bowls, but from what I’ve heard it’s for a great cause. Hopefully all the underclassman take the opportunity to get involved.

  12. What a great guy and an honor to meet John! Empty Bowls has helped so many people and also brings the Malvern community together. I hope Empty Bowls continues this great deed for a cause.

  13. Empty bowls can make a huge impact in someone’s life and really making a difference. I think it is a great cause and I will defiantly participate next year to change more peoples lives.

  14. I have never met this man, but I would probably say that I love him to his face. I love empty bowls and think that it is the best fundraiser ever. All the thought and time we put into the studio before empty bowls night makes the satisfaction of the visitors all the more gratifying. I enjoy making people happy, and watching a little kid fall in love with a piece that he finds at empty bowls is a dream come true. What make the experience 100x better is that the whole time we are helping those in need. Giving away pieces is awesome, but giving away pieces in the name of those in need is even better! I can’t wait for empty bowls next year and i hope other schools around the country and even around the world pick it up too! THANK YOU JOHN HARTOM!!

  15. Empty bowls is a great event. It was a ton of fun to help out this year and I can’t wait to help out next year. It’s really cool that you got to meet the legend himself.

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