Staley Memory Box – silent auction to benefit Haystack – truly one of my favorite places.

Current bid is $1000, and not mine…



23 thoughts on “Want.

    • Yes – it wasn’t the same Twin Towers piece he presented at PSGV, but another from the same line of work. Even in the busy setting in which it was displayed, this piece had a distinct presence…

  1. That piece is really cool. Ms. Plows, have you ever bought any art pieces? If so, which one was the most expensive?

    • Ha! Usually my budget doesn’t permit buying much art. But I bought a mug once for $75. And a painting – from a student – for $150. Maybe someday… probably not.

  2. Ms. Plows was the memory box made the same way we did our first project in ceramics II by combining different thrown pieces into one?

    • I’m not sure, Wil? I think the box is slab built… it definitely looks as though there are some similarities to our process.

  3. It’s pretty crazy that this piece could go for that much money. It’s great to see that the money goes towards Haystack. I would definitely buy it if I had the money.

  4. probably one of my favorite ideas behind a piece that I ever heard. It is most likely going to be what I base my precious piece off of. However, everyone knows I get too attached to pieces to smash one I like and have it fit in there like his accidentally smashed cup. So I think i’m going to make small tiles with memories on them and have it as a reminder of what memories and people are important to me.

    • Thoughtful idea, Matt. Will be even stronger for your ability to articulate your work, and connect it to Staley’s ideas/inspiration!

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