Cup Sale

Each year, NCECA sponsors a Cup Sale at the convention center where the conference is held. The sale benefits a scholarship fund for undergraduate and graduate students. Conference attendees can drop off and price their work at any point prior to Friday morning, when the sale kicks off at 8 AM.

It’s a genius concept, really. Play to conference partipants’ generosity and desire to share their work, add a splash of competition, and top it all off with our assumed appreciation for the handmade, functional cup.

I used to get up at the crack of dawn for the sale. One year, I think I was camped out in line by 4 AM. I’m getting old now, I don’t even do that for U2 anymore. But I remain deeply impressed and admiring of the work these organizers do with this program. Such a simple concept – such a successful event.





32 thoughts on “Cup Sale

  1. I think its really a great cause and a lot of cool pieces! The craftsmanship and creativity of the mug in the 3rd picture was amazing!

  2. I really like the variety of the cups. From what we can see in the pictures, it varies from big to small, simple to complex. It’s for a great cause to, a win-win for everyone!

  3. I really like the large variety of cups that are in these pictures. My favorite is in the second picture; the tan cup with the ridges is probably my favorite, it kind of reminds me of a desert.

  4. Where’s the classic red clay mug with waxy white? Did you donate any pieces here? Also, I’d like to know the price range with some these amazing cups.

    • I only bought two cups this year. That’s a new low for me! I did donate one piece to the cup sale, and it sold – for a great cause.

  5. I like the concept of this cup selling very much. Its a great way to get your pieces out there, and even a better way to get some cool new mugs that you might have never seen before.

  6. I really like the 3rd cup! The idea of cup selling is cool for me because I never would think to make of something like that, but I could buy it from someone that could think it up!

  7. I find it fascinating in a way as i look through the pictures just how different each and every cup is. It really shows how free you are in art and the creativity these experts have. It gives me something to strive for in the future to not go with the norm and be unique.

  8. These are very interesting pot desgins and they inspire me. The pots look like the poeple who made them out alot of time and effort into it.

  9. All the cups look completely different and no of them reflect anything i have seen before. I a specially like the lines in the handle that looks completely growing out of the piece. I also like the brown one in the second pict. because the lines are wabi sabi and reflect the waves of a sandstorm(unique)

  10. That last cup is so cool the way your finger fits perfectly into that and i especially like the design on the side of it i bet that must of taken a lot of time and effort

  11. this reminds me of camping out at 4 am to get South Africa for senior service trip. I would have to say that I would definitely camp out early in order to get an awesome cup. I don’t think there is such a thing as “too old” when competing to get what you want. But then again I am no where near reaching that time so how would I know. I’d love to be at this sale trying to get first dibs at the best cup to use at my house.

  12. some of those cups are so amazingly well made, and so simple i wish i was there to pick one myself. I especially like the handle on the last picture. I want to learn how to do that.

  13. cup sales are always interesting, you never know when you might find a gem. there is such a wide range of styles and forms at the sales too so you can always find the exact thing you are looking for. the mug in the third picture is awesome i love the form, the handle, the texture, and the colors.

  14. I really like the variety of cups at this event. It’s cool to see all of the different cups and each artists’ unique style.

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