Conference App

I could not love it more that NCECA has a smartphone app this year. I know, they are late to the game on this, but it’s a welcome first. I can plan my schedule for the day, with links and bios on each presenter. The app is free. It has push alerts. This means I won’t miss a moment of geekiness.


Of course, that means I’m on the app, too, which is just weird…



10 thoughts on “Conference App

  1. Just another example of how everything is becoming so digital, even if it involves an art form that’s been around for thousands of years.

    • Drew, I had to provide it. They forced me. And then a mentor icksnayed my first attempt, which was something like, “Kate Plows makes pots and quotes Chris Staley a lot.”

  2. I like this idea of the description of people in the app. The conference is such a big event that this will at least allow people to get to know those whom they don’t meet or did not spend as much time getting to know as they would like. It is a good idea to help people stay more organized on a busy day at NCECA.

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